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Monday, March 5, 2018 - 9:00am
RE: playing with pain/injury It has come to my attention over the past few years that this is a wide-spread issue with performers. I attended a national music teachers conference and a state conference where there were presentations about this subject. I recently had a FaceBook friend comment that after a two hour gig he could not pick up a piece of paper. The latest magazine of the National Music Teachers Association had an article about this issue, "The Reality of Injuries in a Musician's Career" by Braulio Bosi. I have invited a number of gigging musicians in the area as well as a member of the CU faculty to speak about this. It has become clear to me that although there are some conditions which have a good prognosis there are others which do not. As music teachers we need to be more aware of the issue and be sure that students have good practice habits and a healthy approach to playing. Joe Scott of Acoustic Eidolon has consented to speak about his Focal Dystonia condition and his strategies to compensate in order to continue to play at a high level. "I have also invited former violist and string music teacher Kristin Schuett to share the positive and negative results of her injuries in her music career." I have invited Bill Bohnenblust to speak about playing in pain as a gigging jazz pianist. Val Smalley, an accomplished percussionist and a physical therapist is expected to be a member of the panel. CU Boulder doctoral student, Scott Schwab, has experienced injury  issues and worked with Barbara Lister-Sink. His dissertation project will be about her teachings on this subject. Bill Harned, FCMTA board member and piano performance doctoral candidate at UNC will share his rehab and maintenance progress after suffering a ski injury. Jennifer Hayghe, Associate Professor of Piano at the University of Colorado Boulder has agreed to chair the panel. March 5 at 10:00 at Trinity Lutheran Church, 301 East Stuart, Fort Collins CO
Trinity Lutheran Church
Don Hahn
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