Teacher Agreement

Student Achievement Day - Teacher Copy

I agree that as a teacher entering students in this Achievement Day:

  • Each student I enter is my own personal student, and I have not entered any students of nonmember teachers.
  • I will have a photo permission form on file for all students participating in STAD. If I don't have permission for photos I will make sure families know to inform the person taking photos they DO NOT want their picture. Photos will  be put on the FCMTA Website otherwise.
  • I will fulfill the job assignment given me by the STAD chairpersons or find an FCMTA teacher substitute
  • I will accept assigned student performance times,making any necessary changes within the times given to me


  1. To recognize and encourage achievement in music study.
  2. To provide a pleasant and non-competitive playing experience.
  3. To encourage students to prepare and display music related talents. (through various options)
  4. To provide the opportunity for a feeling of accomplishment in the students.
  5. To support and guide teachers in their effort to provide a quality music education for each student.

Achievement Day events are sponsored by CSMTA and the local associations. Guidelines for Student Achievement Day are used as the vehicle for organizing the event and for uniformity.

There are 12 levels of pre-college achievement plus 2 preparatory levels for pre-school and the earliest beginning students. Students enter at the level of their repertoire. However, teachers may adjust the level according to the student when appropriate.

At Achievement Day each student is heard privately by a teacher/listener who ascertains that the student has met the requirements of the chosen level. The listener writes words of encouragement on a listening sheet. The options completed are listed on the certificate and it is signed. Each student must meet the requirements including at least 2 different options completed.


  1. Two pieces, one memorized
  2. Student names the key and plays the pentascale or scale for each piece.
  3. Student prepares 2 options from the options list.

Students who wish to be Super Achievers must meet the following requirements:

  1. Both pieces must be memorized
  2. Name the key of each piece, play the appropriate scale, and answer theory questions pertaining to each piece and level.
  3. Five options must be satisfactorily completed. One of the options must be a written test with a score of at least 80%. 

Students who complete the requirements for Super Achiever will receive a ribbon in addition to their certificate.

Theme Sticker will be awarded for a song, report, composer, dance, art project or costume pertaining to the theme.


ONLINE SUBMISSIONS: If you have a student who wishes to submit their performance by video, please note that in the special requests section of the registration. Students who are sick the day of StAD may also alternately submit a video within 5 days of the event. Not all options are available to students performing online. Contact Vanessa with questions.

This program is for all instruments. The MTNA Composer Classifications can be found here.  https://www.mtna.org/downloads/Competitions/ComposerClassifications_2019.pdf

Teachers decide what level each student is playing at, to help you with this see the attachment "Levels and time limits".

For more information on levels and ear training, please see the CSMTA Activities Handbook.