STAD 2019 Information

Theme: Music in Media-Movies, TV, Video Games, etc.

Date: Saturday, March 2, 2019 8am-4pm

Location: Front Range Community College, Red Cloud Peak Building, 4616 S. Shields Street, Fort Collins, CO 80526

Student Achievement Day (STAD) is sponsored by the Fort Collins Music Teachers Association (FCMTA), in conjunction with the Colorado State Music Teachers Association (CSMTA). Each student will perform the requirements plus two and no more than five options in front of one listener. Listeners are piano teachers from Fort Collins and the surrounding areas. Students will receive a state certificate, and also encouraging and constructive comments upon the completion of their performance. This is a noncompetitive event.



To recognize achievement in musical study

To encourage music students in their study

To recognize and encourage related talents and interests

To provide a happy musical experience, and an opportunity for a feeling of accomplishment in students

To support and guide the teacher in the effort to provide a quality music education for each student


Fee: The fee to enter each student is $15. We will also have merchandise to pre-order: $10 per t-shirt or bag or $20 for a sweatshirt. Please write one check for all. You will need to make your check out to your teacher by Jan. 26, 2019.


Requirements: One piece memorized, One piece with music, Complete two Options.

Name the key of each piece, play the appropriate scale, and answer theory questions pertaining to each piece (as appropriate per level). There are 12 levels. Your teacher will decide at which level your child is best suited. The performance level, options level, and game room levels may be different.

Super Achiever Requirements: Both pieces memorized and played satisfactorily. FIVE options, all completed satisfactorily (One of the options must be a written test with a score of at least 80%). * Super Achievers will receive special acknowledgment for the extra effort.

Theme: This year's theme will be MUSIC IN MEDIA. To get a sticker for the theme you need to play a piece or do a project, report, or dance from a Movie, TV, Video Game, etc.


Options: (For explanations of these please talk to your teacher)

1. Additional piece memorized

2. Additional piece with music

3. Written Theory Test

4. Terms and signs test

5. Music History test

6. Ear training test

7. Scales

8. Chords

9. Arpeggios

10. Sight Reading

11. Playing from a lead sheet

12. Improvisation

13. Transposition

14. Dress in character costume pertaining to the theme

15. Perform on a 2nd instrument

16. Conducting

17. Art related to music-Deadline: February 16, 2019

18. Construction project related to music-Deadline: February 16, 2019

19. Written project (report, scrapbook)-Deadline: February 16, 2019

20. Written review of concert or CD-Deadline: February 16, 2019

21. Dance

22. Original composition-Deadline: February 16, 2019

23. Serving as a teen helper

24. Accompanying


26. Music game room-do all four centers

27. Collaborative performance


January 26, 2019 Registration, Merchandise Order, and Agreement Form

February 16, 2019 for Options 17, 18, 19, 20, & 22        

March 2, 2019 blue and yellow sheets


Registration: You will find out your child's playing time about two weeks before STAD. Since approximately 200 students attend STAD, scheduling each student is a large task. Thus we cannot take any time requests from parents. If you and your child decide to participate in STAD, you must make the commitment to be there when your child's playing time is given. If you have an unavoidable conflict you may talk to your teacher, who may or may not be able to switch times with another student of theirs.You will receive a blue registration sheet and a yellow comment sheet from your teacher before STAD. Both sheets must be filled out correctly upon arriving at your performance location on March 2nd for your child to participate. Music must be the original copy (no photocopies) with the first measure of each line numbered and pages marked and ready for the listener.


STAD 2019 Chair: Kris Eveland Lund (970) 407-9084