STAD Committee Staff 2020

Co-Chairs: Tina Vernon 970-488-9884, Sandra Meyer 405-788-9070

  • Connect with all committee members to make sure that everything happens
  • Update all forms online
  • Collect checks, other important documents and submit to Secretary
  • Oversee STAD, take care of problems as they arise
  • Set up AND Clean up
  • do an evaluation to get suggestions on how to improve for the coming year

Art/Written Projects: All teachers entering students. Students will submit works to their own teacher. Teachers will bring and display student work on Friday March 6; we will provide feedback for each other's students. Mary Ann & Harland Ranney will set up artwork after comments have been given and make sure everything has comments. 

Compositions: Don Hahn (970)663-0808, 2297 Sopris Circle, Loveland, CO 80537

  • Collect compositions 2 weeks before STAD February 15
  • Evaluate and give comments
  • display compositions with the artwork the night before

Food: Carrie Hansen, 970-377-0674

  • Order, pick up and set out brakfast goodies and drink in the morning (will be reimbursed)
  • Order, pick up and set out lunch items (will be reimbursed)
  • clean up leftovers at the end of the day

Game Room: Carrie Hansen 

  • Create 4 game stations related to theme
  • purchase any needed supplies and candy/prizes (will be remimbursed)
  • set up night before or day of before 8AM
  • monitor the room the day of (others will be assisting)

Outsider Listener Coordinator: Sonia Tressler

  • Hire 1-2 outside listeners (depending on registration numbers)
  • Follow up to make sure that they know where and when for everything
  • Secure checks for the listeners NEED TO KNOW WHAT WE WILL PAY
  • Conduct the listener meeting at 7:45AM
  • Write Thank You Notes to listeners and put checks in with them- make sure listeners recieve payment at STAD

Set-up/Front Desk: Veronica Lim

  • Organize front desk bins
  • put the front desk instruction notebooks together
  • Be set up by 7:45AM, merchandise and certificates

Scheduling: Carrie Hansen 970-377-0674,, Tina Vernon, Sandra Meyer

  • Host a scheduling event within a week of 2-1-20
  • Create block schedules for students and teacher work schedules
  • No later than February 8, get the schedules to the teachers
  • Teachers will turn their room assignments back to you and you will type up the schedules 

Theory Testing Room: Debbie Orwick 282-8850 2032 Prairie View Ct 80526, Vanessa Felhauer (back-up)

  • Print necessary number of tests
  • Secure computers for listening options
  • Have all pencils, stickers etc set up and ready by 8 AM
  • Grade and monitor during the event (others will be assisting)

T-Shirts/Bags: Tina Vernon 970-407-9103

  • Come up with bag design idea
  • Contact the t-shirt company for layout
  • Place order based on registration numbers
  • Label pre-ordered merchandise and set up night before event or before 7:45 AM on Saturday morning

Theme Pins for all students: Andrea Van Nest * 970-532-2216

  • Collect supplies needed for each paying student to have a pin (will be reimbursed)
  • make up written instructions on how to make pins, teach teen helpers how to make

Makeups: Sidney Thompson 970-482-4210

  • Listen to students who can not play on Saturday and fill out evaluation forms

Awards: Tina Vernon

  • Print the certificates and organize in the certificate box
  • Order the blue ribbons
  • Coordinate with Vanessa on the gold seals for the theme.  

Technology/special events: Tina Vernon

  • Arrange for Bruce from Piano Center, Piano Marvel and other tech displays 
  • Arrange for any other special presentation as desired

Composer Scavenger Hunt: Kim Harris

  • Make up questions and answers. Put questions on paper to give to student to fill out, hide answers with clues for the next place to find the next clue. 
  • Hide clues
  • Get awards for all those who complete the hunt