GENERAL MEETING followed by Dan Goble regarding pandemic issues

Monday, September 14, 2020 - 9:00am
Dan Goble, the director of the School of Music, Theatre and Dance at CSU will join us via Zoom. Dan is involved in conducting experiments and studies at CSU that investigate REDUCING BIOAEROSOL EMISSIONS AND EXPOSURES IN THE PERFORMING ARTS: A SCIENTIFIC ROADMAP FOR A SAFE RETURN FROM COVID19. The conclusions from that study will be published on a website. The results are expected by mid August. The study is being conducted by faculty and staff across disciplines. In addition to Dan Goble there are 4 other faculty on the task force: John Volckens, PhD: professor of Mechanical Engineering and Environmental Health, Rebecca Phillips, DMA: Director of Bands and Professor of Music, Charles Henry, PhD : Professor of Chemistry, Heather Pidcoke, MD, PhD: Chief Medical Research Officer.
ZOOM video conference
Don Hahn (vice president)
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