GENERAL MEETING followed by Alejandro Cremasci

Monday, March 8, 2021 - 9:00am
Alejandro Cremasci will present "Levels review - Syllabus of skill levels". Praised as an intelligent and sensitive performer, Alejandro Cremaschi was born in Mendoza, Argentina. He currently teaches piano and piano pedagogy at the University of Colorado at Boulder in the United States. He received a Doctorate degree in Piano Performance from the University of Minnesota, and undergraduate degrees from the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, in Argentina, and the University of Maryland Baltimore County. He studied with Edith Peinado de Drago, Dora De Marinis, Nancy Roldan and Lydia Artymiw. A researcher in the areas of Latin American music, group piano, technology-aided instruction, motivantion, practice and cooperative learning, Dr. Cremaschi has been a presenter at the Class Piano and Piano Pedagogy national conference, the National Conference in Keyboard Pedagogy, the MTNA, MENC and ISME national and international conferences. His curent research lines include the study, performance and recording of music by Argentine composers, the study and implementation of cooperative learning strategies in the piano classroom, the use of technology to aid the acquisition of piano and sightreading skills, and the influence of self-efficacy beliefs in piano students' achievement and motivation. His reviews and articles have appeared in the Keyboard Companion magazine, Clavier magazine, American Music Teacher magazine, the European Piano Teachers Association Piano Journal, Journal of Technology in Music Learning, and the Piano Pedagogy Forum on-line journal. Under his direction, the piano pedagogy area at UC Boulder offers a Master's degree in piano performance and pedagogy, and 7 different undergraduate and graduate pedagogy courses.
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Don Hahn (vice president)
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